From 2016 to 2021, 60 of the world’s largest banks poured US$ 4.6 trillion into the fossil fuel industry. This saddening fact caused a group of youths in Africa to start a campaign against fossil banks. They called it the "4.6 T campaign".
The 4.6 T campaign targets banks, governments and co-operations.
The lives and livelihoods of local people globally are gravely threatened by banks funding fossil fuel activities, with indigenous peoples within Black and Brown communities, as well as the poor and working-class communities suffering the most.

Since the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, this figure (4.6T) is growing steadily annually. This is proof that the finance is available but commitment to action and meaningful change is missing. The climate crisis is indiscriminate and knows no borders, it is therefore imperative that we all demand significant action and climate justice.