Defund Climate Chaos is a network of UK-wide grassroots groups, individuals, and NGOs working in whatever capacity towards ending the financing of climate wrecking projects. The financial targets of Defund Climate Chaos are set by the groups which make up our network. We target a variety of insurers, investors and banks; our banking specific campaigns target UK banking institutions of all sizes, with a current particular focus on Barclays and Standard Chartered. The hundreds of groups which comprise the Defund Climate Chaos network operate to target these banks at all scales, from local high streets, to UK wide distributed action days, digitally and in person. The Defund Climate Chaos network works across five key working groups which each tackle UK banks in some capacity, these working groups are themed around the following areas: Queer Liberation,  Stopping EACOP, Standard Chartered AGM disruption, Migrant Empowerment, and Halting new Fossil Fuel Infrastructure.